Smitco Diary with Lock & Key

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received a free product in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are completely 100% my own. 

We woke up yesterday morning to a package on our front porch. H was excited to see that it was the Smitco Diary with a lock and key. 

I love that it’s a pink girly theme, as H is quite the girly girl. Her favorite color is pink and she’s all about the frilly girl things! 

The other thing I like about this diary, was that the packaging was super easy to open and I was able to get the diary out with very minimal effort. I would think an older child would be able to do it on their own.

Most diaries that I’ve seen with a lock and key have super small keys that are usually lost within minutes of H getting her hands on them. Not the case with this Smitco Diary. The keys are bigger and much easier to keep track of. Again, if your daughter is older you may not have the lost key problem.

The diary has 300 lined pages with a space for the date for girls to write all their secrets. You know, which member of that boy band they dream to marry, which boy at school is cute or how they don’t like their math teacher Mr. Jones because he gives too much homework (and since it locks, girls never have to worry about their pesky siblings trying to read their deepest secrets). H is still little so I don’t have to worry about boys or math homework for a little while. 😉

I’m super pleased with the quality of this diary. The pages are of notebook quality. The cover and spine are put together rather nicely. This is another plus in my book because it means it’ll hold up against my destructive kiddo. Sturdiness is an important quality in products for H these days. 

Overall, H is a little too young to truly understand a diary and what it’s meant for, but she’s been using it and pretending to go to school and pretending to write stories. I think this is a perfect diary for a tween girl and it’s definitely going to keep all her secrets safe. If you want to pick one up for your girl or as a gift for someone else you can do that by clicking here. They’ve got several to choose from, including a mermaid themed diary!