IKEA office setup

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Can you believe that it is December already?! This year has really flown by. Christmas is just a few weeks away! Hopefully, I’ll get all my shopping and preparation done soon. This year when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas I drew a blank. Typically, I’ve already found something on Pinterest that I want him to get me. Finally, after several weeks of thinking, I decided that I wanted to fix up my office space upstairs. Starting with a new desk.

My old desk wasn’t even a desk. It was a folding table that we got super cheap at home depot. I won’t lie, I was super happy to get the table when we originally purchased it because at the time my “office” had been in our laundry room (what an office space right?!). The second we got home from getting the table I rushed it upstairs to the extra room and put my things on it. I set it up under the window so that I could look out into our backyard and neighborhood. I could barely contain my excitement. It didn’t take long for the excitement of my new “desk” to wear off.

my original office setup

The table wasn’t a smooth surface, all the notes that I would jot down looked like I had the jitters. When I tried to paint shirts the rough surface of the table would cause the paint to look uneven. All in all, I just started to feel very unprofessional sitting at what was essentially a beer pong table. For a while, I even stopped going in my office and even stopped working. It was hard to feel creative and work in a place that wasn’t conducive to work.

I searched for what felt like forever for office ideas, more specifically desk ideas. I have a Pinterest board full of office spaces. Finally, I came across the Linnmon line from Ikea. Oh, boy, do I love love LOVE Ikea! This line is great because you can design your space. I wanted something that would hold my Cricut (and supplies), a sewing machine (once it’s purchased), my laptop, and a place to work on my projects. In addition to this, I wanted to have my laptop in a separate area of the desk (I was always worried about getting paint and glitter on my computer at my other desk).

I decided that I would go with two Linnmon table tops and two Alex drawer units (Exact items will be linked below). The table/desk that my computer sits on is about 47 inches. I put one of the Alex drawers under one side and put two Adils legs on the other side.

my new (incomplete) office setup

This the absolute perfect size for me to work on my computer, use my planner, pay bills, etc. without feeling cluttered and messy. The area where I decided to place my Cricut, supplies and future sewing machine is about 78 inches long. I used two Adils legs and the Alex drawer unit under it just as I did the desk with my computer. I pushed the two desks together to make one big L-shaped desk.

Now I no longer sit directly under the window, but the placement of the desks still allows me to look outside. It’s especially great during this time of year with all the Christmas decorations throughout the neighborhood.

My office isn’t complete yet, I still want to add a few pictures and other items. And I am still in the process of buying some desk organization, but I love the space so much that I just couldn’t wait to share it with yall. Once I complete the area I plan to make an update about it.
Products in my office

linnmon/alex 47 inches

linnmon tabletop 78 inches

alex drawer unit

adils legs x4

Recollections™ 10 Drawer Rolling Organizer

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